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Wake Up and Smell the Roses

The basic idea here is an alarm clock that isn't so harsh. Don't you hate the sound of that alarm in the morning? It can even make a person jump, and elevate blood pressure. So how is this kinder, gentler alarm clock different?

A Clock that Wakes You Up with Odors

It could be the scent of roses, or lilacs, or something else altogether. You set the alarm, and in the morning your favorite scent fills your nostrils, gently waking you up. Just in case it only gives you nice dreams, there is a more traditional back-up alarm that starts five minutes later.

How Does It Work?

There are already many specialty stores that sell little bottles of essential oils. The clock could be designed to use these in whatever size is the most common. Alternately, if it took a special size that was only available from the makers of the clock, this could be a source of recurring revenue.

Either way, the primary design problem is in how to deliver the odor. This might be accomplished with a small fan. For the prototype, it should be relatively simple to reroute the wiring that goes to the alarm of an existing clock, to go to the fan instead. The fan would then start at the appointed time and blow the scent towards the sleeping person.

The next problem is how to keep the scent bottle closed until it is time, and have it easily open when it is supposed to. This could be done with a separate motor that opens and closes the bottle. It might also be possible to have the fan itself lift the a cover over the scent-bottle when it turns on. It would then close by gravity once the fan turned off.

Other Factors

It should be easy to replace the scent bottles. They should be secure enough that they don't spill easily. Other names could be used for the product, although I think this one is kind of catchy. Trademark that name, then take this invention and run with it. Good luck.

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Smell the Roses