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Short Story Questions

Want quick ideas for a short story? One technique is to ask intriguing questions, and then find an answer. The answer will be the start of a story, especially if you start with "What if..." In fact, you can do this yourself and skip this page. Or, if you want, just use the questions here.

The Questions

What if a man remembered one day that he had long ago come here from another planet?

What if a woman had to decide between freedom and love?

How could a man come to believe in hating others?

What kind of world would developmentally disabled people build?

Why would a dolphin commit suicide?

What if you had to choose ten people to spend your life with?

How can you stop a killer when you know what he intends to do but have no evidence to show police?

What would you do to survive a sinking boat, and do normal ethics change in this situation?

What if God gave up on man and went away to create and watch over another world?

Why did the man walk away from everything and everyone he loved?

What did he see in her that others could not see?

What if thoughts spread like diseases?

What if the bravest man in town was thought to be a coward?

How many ways can we make ourselves miserable?

What if beliefs were like addictions?

What if there was a way to prevent wars?

What if we lived to 200 years old?

What if we could program children for success?

What would the morality of an ant be?

What is a unique way to catch a criminal?

Why do we choose to do things that are bad for us?

If a philosopher speaks and nobody listens, does he exist?

What true short story covering a day in your life would be most indicative of who you are?

In addition to these short story questions, there are more ways to get ideas for stories on the page Short Story Ideas.

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Short Story Questions