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New Pages and News

A Few Crazy Ideas and Questions - March, 2014 - There is no rhyme or reason to the collection of ideas here. They are simply things I've been thinking about and questions that needed to be asked. I'll look at aspects of human psychology, the development of plant people, and why soldiers can't quit their jobs, among other topics. And please don't complain about the lack of focus or purpose. This is my own idea-generating exercise, and if it isn't interesting to you, the little "x" up there to the right will help... Continue reading here...

Can We Domesticate Diseases? - January 15, 2014 - Some parasites, bacteria and viruses are worse than others – that much is obvious. But why are some worse? Why do some kill the very host that they rely on for survival while others just cause minor inconvenience? It’s not an easy question to answer, and each case is different. The many cold viruses, for example, seem to have found a happy medium. They don't... Continue reading here...

New Bicycle Patents - I have always liked to imagine new bicycle inventions and innovations, and recently inventor Rajev Naik sent me information on a new kind of bike he designed and built (he also has a new design for the internal combustion engine). He carefully lists the problems with existing drive mechanisms used for bicycles and rickshaws, and then explains how he has overcome these with his new system. You can read about his "TEJJ Cycle" on, a website which, by the way, is also a great idea (I hadn't seen this site prior to getting the email from Rajev).

Helium Kites - When you can't fly that kite because the wind is to light, here's a solution: Make kites that are inflated with helium. They would still fly something like a normal kite, and with some maneuverability if designed like a stunt kite. The first prototype could be as simple as a kite with a small helium balloon attached.

Interesting Ideas

A Few Crazy Ideas and Questions - An exercise in creative thinking.

Can We Domesticate Diseases? - It might be better than fighting them.

More Ideas for Stories - A missing billionaire, cloned Jesus and nine others.

Random Creative Ideas - Inventions, a new metaphor and more.

Ideas to Make You Think - Several new ways to look at things.

Predictable Irrationality - A proposal for an experiment.

Monkey Economics - What our wild cousins are teaching us.

Some Random Ideas - A lottery that everyone wins and four other ideas.

How to Use an Expert - The care and feeding of "authorities."

The Value of Crazy Ideas - With examples...

Search Engine Anthropology - Using Google to study culture.

Weather Forecasting Idea - No knowledge of meteorology necessary.


Inventions - Index for all the pages of invention ideas you can use.

New Inventions - Flying car, solar-powered tent, a video and more.

How to Get a Patent - And using a provisional patent to protect your invention.

Invention Submission Services - Questions to ask before sending any money.

Some Cool Ideas - Prosthetic leg uses, mind reading using an iPhone and...

Invention Patents - Are they truly necessary?

Bicycle Innovations - A few new concepts about or using a bike.

New Concepts - Human kites, magnetic paintings and more.

Problem Solving and Brainstorming

Problem Solving - A collection of pages on how to solve problems.

Million Dollar Irritations - Problems can be opportunities...

Brainstorming Ideas - I did two tests on a hot day at work...

Using Other Minds - A technique for having new ideas.

Creativity Exercises - Eight good ones to get you thinking in new ways.

Develop Thinking Skills - Some good ones to start with.

Outside the Box - There are dozens of good thinking strategies.

Add - Subtract - Change - A simple technique for brainstorming.

Thinking Out of the Box - The elements of the "box" and get past them.

Deep Thoughts

Who Defines Words? - And why does it matter?

Time Perspectives - How to think about and experience time.

Dangers of Technology - From where do they arise?

The Ultimate Technology - Is it what we call spirituality?

The Metaphorical Life - We already live it, but we can change it.

What is Belief? - A simple question without a simple answer.

The Meaning of Life - Is it dangerous to have one?

Words to Live By - Perhaps there are no words worth living by.

A Spiritual Atheist - Why does spirituality require a god?

The Inescapable Speed of Life - Ever faster we rush--even if we don't want to.

Thought Provoking Questions - Two pages to get you thinking.

Political Ideas

Political Theories - Index of pages on political matters and opinions.

To Tax Is to Steal? - Maybe... sometimes.

A Better Justice System - Some notes on the failings and some solutions.

Legal Licensing - Is it really necessary?

Do We Need to Be a World Power? - The future is coming...

Redistribution of Wealth to the Wealthy - A series on socialism for the rich.

Corporate Welfare Examples - Ready to see how your tax dollars are used?

Tax Loopholes for the Rich - Upward redistribution?

Property Tax Rates Are Higher for the Poor - See why this is true.

Millionaire Welfare Farmers - How the poor and middle class support the rich.

A New Constitution - A look at what it might include and why.

The Wealth of the United States - Free markets may not be the crucial factor.


Economic Theories - All pages related to economics are listed here.

The Value of Things - Understanding context and profiting from perspective.

Positive Externalities - A lesson in economics and living better on less.

Behavioral Economics - A look at some of the research.

How the Rich Get Richer - Honestly and otherwise...

Business and Employment

New Business Ideas - All pages with unique ways to make money are here.

Social Business - Is this a useful concept or not?

New Job Ideas - Is it the job or the mind that is valuable?

How to Quit Your Job - The writer happens to be an expert on this.

Money Making Ideas - Swimming pool restaurant, car roller coaster, etc.

Fun Pages

Paintball Pointillism - Paint from a distance with a paintball gun.

Creative Concepts - A small collection of fun ideas.

Accurate Miscommunication? - Lie in order to properly communicate?

Political Change Without Voting - Tired of voting for the lesser-of-evils?

Why We Should Negotiate with Terrorists - Do you agree with these reasons?

Other Pages

Self-Correcting Systems - Why straight-line projections fail.

Creative People Online - Here are few examples I've found.

Can Animals Really Think? - Yes, but what are the differences?

Maturity and Authority - A mature person uses his or her own mind.

Brain Scan Marketing - Research is often applied to selling us things.

Some Interesting Questions - More than a dozen to get you thinking.

Corporate Crime - Does such a thing exist, or do only humans commit crimes?

Tax on the Poor? - Is that what any business tax ends up being?

Invention and Innovation News - Some of the cool things invented this year.

The What If Game - For wild and sometimes great ideas.

Questions About Poverty - A collection of pages and articles.

Making the Homeless Buy Cadillacs for the Wealthy - Not just hyperbole?

What is Poverty? - There isn't one simple answer.

Other Sites

The Meaning of Money -

Metaphorology -

Every Way to Make Money? -

Fascinating Quotes -

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George de Mestral, a Swiss mountaineer walked his dog one day, and the animal came home with burrs (prickly seed casings) in his fur, most likely from the common burdock plant. De Mestral examined these under a microscope and saw that there were had tiny hooks at the end of the spines, which allowed them to stick to fur and to most clothing.

From this discovery he invented a useful and now famous fastening material known as Velcro, which is used for everything from backpacks to clothing and shoes.