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I love to write about my own ideas, but I also spend a lot of time cruising the web looking into what new thoughts, theories, and insights others have had. It is time I write about that, so what follows is a little introduction to three very creative people and what they have available online. I know almost nothing about two of these thinkers, other than what I could discover from their websites. One of them I know a bit better, because he is a long-time subscriber to my Brainpower Newsletter, and we trade ideas back and forth by email from time to time. The first of these three smart guys is...

Ray Kurzweil

Wikipedia says Ray Kurzweil is an "author, inventor, futurist, and a director of engineering at Google." Two of his books are The Singularity Is Near and How to Create a Mind. They mention that he also works in areas like optical character recognition (OCR), text-to-speech synthesis, speech recognition technology, and electronic keyboard instruments, and has written books on health, artificial intelligence (AI), futurism, and the technological singularity. He is obviously a busy man.

Kurzweil is also an advocate for transhumanism, a movement which has the goal of transforming the human condition through various technologies which can improve physical and mental health and how we think. More specifically (but still defined in only the most general terms), the creators of this movement are looking forward to a day when we can use nanotechnology, robotics, and biotechnology to transform ourselves into "posthuman" beings. You can google the term "transhumanism" to read more about that. For more about Kurzweil and his work, see his website:

The website is called, "Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence," and it could keep you busy reading for weeks. Kurzweil updates his books there, shares his ideas, and reports on the work of scientists and visionaries from around the world. Recent articles have been about How to detect and "zap" Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s using lasers, the world's smallest FM radio transmitter, how to recreate a fossil with a CT scan and 3D printer, and a new video series that is meant to popularize transhumanism. This site always provides new and fascinating ideas.

Heron Stone

I love when I discover what I could call "real thinking," as opposed to the usual mental efforts to simply categorize and organize existing knowledge or to rationalize and justify what one already wants to believe. So I was very happy to find Herron Stone’s work online, and specifically, his development of a new language, r7ly5 (pronounced EarthLing). You can read about it on his site:

Here is an excerpt:

.anyway, one of my projects is developing r7ly5
(pronounced Earthling), a debugged subset of wild
english designed for clear thinking and accurate
english minus the 5 stupidites

.this page uses r7ly5 formatting

.the objective is to make the structure of thought as
visually obvious as possible

.thus, every sentence begins on a new line
.reverse indention helps identify the beginnings
of utterances
.i don't use CAPS unless i see a good reason for it
.punctuation precedes the utterance... no need to wait
until the end to know what kind of thought we're
dealing with

Who knows if EarthLing (or "r7ly5") will catch on, but I love the idea of a new language designed to make thinking more clear. I also was very intrigued by the "5 stupidities," which Stone covers in a podcast elsewhere online (I apologize, but I lost that link). Unlike Kurzweil, who does TED talks and many other appearances, Heron Stone is one of the many fascinating and creative people who seem to never be fully discovered by the public even though they have put some of their work online.

Barry Caulfield

Barry, like Heron Stone, doesn't seem to have much of a public presence online yet. I know him because he subscribed to my Brainpower Newsletter, and at some point told me about his website. I have enjoyed trading ideas with him for years now. I don't think he has put many of his stories online yet, but having read them I can tell you that he is not just creative, but fun. Introducing the list of invention in his "Idea Bank," he says, "I don't have the time or desire to bother with Patents or Patent Attorneys. If you find anything useful, go ahead and use it, then help someone in need, and if you still have money left over you can send me a check." You can look at his list of 270 ideas for inventions here:

I sometimes return to the list and read through it to trigger my own new ideas. While you are at his website you might also check out his section called "Free-Wizdum," and peruse the impressive list that makes up his employment record. Like me, he has had more than 70 jobs and businesses over the years.

Watch for future reports on the examples of creativity and creative people I discover online.

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