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What is this mean? It is not just about brainstorming a bunch of cool ideas that are never used for anything. To live a more creative life you have to actually apply your creativity to real problems, choices and perhaps even the design of your lifestyle.

For example, you might read about some research showing how people can be influenced by the way we frame their situation, including the questions we ask. You read about research showing that when we ask ourselves or others what's good in a given situation, any honest attempt to answer the question results in a better attitude or emotional state. People can't help but feel better when seeing the good, and this is not new age, but the simple mechanics of thinking and feeling.

That's interesting, but why leave it at that? Use the knowledge! Ask yourself and your friends questions that change thinking patterns. In other words, creatively apply what you learn.

Should you get a job or start a business? It's a common question, and the answer is expected to be one or the other of the options given. But why not approach it as a yes or no question? Maybe you should get a job or start a business, but then maybe not. You could travel, become an investor, write, or do others things to survive that are not one or the other of the presumed options. You could even live in a bus in the desert, like three young men I met in Arizona.

There's nothing wrong with a job if it suits your purposes at the moment, but why limit your thinking? And if you do get a job, think of new ways you can use it. The "in the box" approach is to see employment as a paycheck and/or a chance to advance and get a bigger paycheck. But it might also be a training ground for a business you'll build someday, or a place to meet people you want to know for whatever reasons, or simply a means to qualify for a mortgage loan, to be discarded once you get the loan.

Living in a house? That's great, but is a house or apartment the only option for shelter? Is it the best for you? Is a tiny house, like some people are now building, a better idea? Maybe you can live much cheaper in less indoor space, create a big cheap deck for outdoor living space, and use the money saved for something that is more important to you than the large boxes most people live in.

Interested in investing ideas? Why just be interested? And why limit your thinking to the traditional investment vehicles? Consider ways to make parts of your life that are ordinarily just consumption into things that actually have a pay-off in the future.

I know people who buy high quality used furniture for their home, and buy it cheap. They can sell it for a profit anytime they like, making it essentially a nice way to bank their money.

You might also use your reading habits to make money. I read many books and I report what I learn on my websites, which make a great living for my wife and I. That makes all my education and reading entertainment into an investment.

Some people regularly sell cars for more than they pay for them, and do so after months or years of driving them. It's true that a car is normally a terrible investment, but not if you buy it used at auction or off from a bank "repo lot" for a lot less than the market value. What else could be an investment?

Don't limit your creativity to just speculative thoughts and imaginary inventions. Apply it in the real world. That's how you live more creatively.

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